“You'll find it
you'll eat there”


Lonely Planet China 12th edition
Lonely Planet China 12th edition.

about meimei cafe ...

Meimei Cafe is situated in the city of Jinghong, capital of the Xishuangbanna region in the south of Yunnan province, south-west China. Xishuangbanna borders Laos to the south-east and Burma to the south and west.

We first opened in 1999 and since then Meimei Cafe has earned an excellent reputation among locals and travellers alike as a place to relax with a drink, meet new friends, enjoy local and western cuisine and as a great source of local tourism information. Meimei cafe has become a permanent fixture on the China and south-east Asia backpacker circuits.

From the beginning, Meimei Cafe has always been recommended by Lonely planet and given an excellent rating in each new edition of the Lonely Planet China. In the 12th edition of their China Book, Meimei Cafe was once again given a great review:

“ You'll find it and you'll eat there. This is the original of all the Western-style cafes in town and still the best, thanks to its menu of burgers and sandwiches, pizza and pasta and foreigner-friendly Chinese and Thai dishes. The owner Mei Mei is a great source of local info.”

We have worked hard to earn such praise and have never stopped doing so. Every once in a while we add new dishes to the menu, update the information book for our guests and even redecorate our cafe to give our customers that home-from-home feeling.

Meimei Cafe is owned and managed by two sisters Yanlan & Anchun. In some guidebooks, magazines and papers Yanlan is also called Orchid or Mei Mei. Originally they are from Dali (born in Xizhou) and belong to the Bai minority group.

Yanlan is married to Steven who is Belgian and from Antwerp. Every year they return to Belgium for a couple of months to visit friends and relatives. When he is not in Meimei Cafe talking to the customers, Steven is traveling around China doing what he likes the most: film and photograpy.

And let's not forget our staff who work hard to create a gentle, caring and personal atmosphere.

Welcome to Meimei Cafe and please feel at home.